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A weekly Joomla podcast helping website owners design, develop, manage and market their Joomla website and take it to a whole new level. Aimed at Joomla beginners, experts and addicts!

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Nicky joins me this episode to give us a recap of the Joomla World Conference in Rome, Italy.
Full show notes at This week I take a look at some Joomla industry news. - Joomla World Conference around the corner - Joomla Extension Directory potential new redesign - Donate to Joomla via PayPal Also looking at my top 8 new Joomla Extensions for November 2017. - Articles Field - Easy Facebook Save Button - Have I been pwned - password checker - Login with TREZOR - Bitcoin Payment for Virtuemart - Quick Index - Testimonial Showcase - DD Disable jQuery
Long time no hear! We're back with news from the Joomla industry, including updates with the Joomla CMS, CMS Critic award and Joomla World Conference 2017. Also looking at what has been happening with us and PB Web Development and what will be happening with the Joomla Beat Podcast. Show notes at
This is just a quick update episode about whats happening with the Joomla Beat Podcast and PB Web Development. Where have we been? I also have a few extensions that I had to share as I think they're quite different and very interesting and could become must have essential extensions for Joomla.
Martina and I talk about personas this episode. They are the foundation of almost every web project that we build, whether it's a simple brochure style website to a complex application, personas are the defining building block to all user experience design and development that you may do for a project.
Matt Hayden from Conversion Kings joins be on the podcast to talk about on page optimisation with conversion rate optimisation. Matt runs an agency based in Brisbane, Australia that specialises in just that. Matt shares how he has grown his agency over the years concentrating purely on CRO. Matt shares a few secrets in regards to what CRO is and a few techniques that can help your website grow. Matt uses a tool called Optimizely, something that his agency is a 3 star partner of and the only one...
Eden Brownlee is an online marketing expert with clients ranging from small businesses to large corporates. He helps them create lead lists and the sales funnels behind these lists to create optimal profiles. Eden also has create a Joomla extension called Marketing Rocket that will help you create your very own sales funnels and drive traffic for conversions for your website or for your clients.
Ryan Ozimek joins me on the podcast to talk about inbound marketing in his company for the nonprofit sector. Ryan helps break down some of the concepts of inbound marketing and explains how he does it for his clients.
This is a super long 3 hour episode celebrating the Joomla Beat Podcast's 100th episodes. If this is your first time listening, I'd recommend taking a break every 30 minutes and coming back another time. The Podcasts usually are only 30mins-60mins long. In this podcast I interview: Brian Teeman Henry Nguyen Isidro Baquero Jessica Dunbar Jon Neubauer Kenneth Crowder Parth Lawate Ryan Ozimek Shaila Man Tessa Mero Tj Baker As well as a whole bunch of messages from the community saying...
Steve Burge, the create and owner of OSTraining shares his secrets in creating the largest provider of open source content management system training in the world. Steve shares how he started the business, how he controls and manages his website, his secret in what runs his membership site and lastly, some insights into how he optimises memberships to build a valuable membership and keeps his members on.
John Pitchers from JoomStore joins me on the podcast to talk about how he grew is Joomla website services business. Starting as a solo business person, John over time grow his customer base, increase productivity and grew his business like never before. Listen in to find out how he did it.
Magda Cortez from News Corp presents at the Product Mavens Meetup for product managers at the News Corp building in Sydney, Australia about mapping the customer journey through some of their publications. Magda Cortez is strategic design thinker who has spent the last 10 years in media crafting cross-platform digital experiences. Passionate about entertainment, social media, popular culture and the fusion of old and new media, her experience spans product management, innovation, marketing,...
Learn how you can optimise the speed and load times of your website in order to reduce bandwidth, increase your search engine rankings and improve website usability just by installing a few extensions on your website. Peter covers a few fantastic extensions that will allow you to optimise your website for speed and turn it from a 1980's Toyota Corolla into a high performing Lotus Elise, or Porche 911 or Tesla (for the more eco minded). Peter also covers some news and happenings in the Joomla...
It's Joomla's 10th Birthday and to celebrate we're having a look at the top 10 things we love about Joomla!
This episode Martina and I curate the new list in the Joomla! extension directory and give you our choice of favourite top 10 extensions for this month. Full list and notes at
Søren Beck Jensen joins me on the podcast to chat about his journey into the Joomla! space and a few tools that he has created and built for the community, Component Creator and Neno Translate. Make sure you listen in for the coupon code and special offer that Søren offers to all podcast listeners.
Simon Kloostra from JoomlaSEO joins me for an interview to talk about his passion, search engine optimisation and web site performance with Joomla! He shares with us five awesome tips that are applicable to any website as well as breaks down the Joomla! Beat Podcast website and gives me an analysis of what can be improved on the website
This week Martina and I talk about how to promote your web design and development business to gain more clients, and also how to close the deal and get more clients signing up. Full show notes at
This week I have an interview with the lovely Lorna Jane Mitchell who is a PHP developer and advocate as well as a consultant and trainer. She joins me from JAB 2014 where she did a presentation about Open Source Personas. Full show notes at Also on this episode is a listener question about hosting and templates as well as the start of the Seblod training course. James gives an overview of what to expect and what is in the first course. Sign up to get access to the four...
This week we have a news round up from around the Joomla! space. Complete shownotes at PLT NEWS The Production Leadership Team who look after the code of the Joomla! project have released a blog post about there summit meeting at the latest JandBeyond Conference in Prague. The team have outlined the updates and changes to the next releases of Joomla 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7. They also looked at various aspects of what Joomla 4 may look like and how that code and development...
This month, June 2015, Martina and I look at some new extensions from the Joomla! extension directory to help extend your website and take it further. I, Peter, look at some technical extensions for the site builders and implementers, while Martina looks at more of the creative and visual extensions for your website. Let us know what you think in the comments and the show notes for the episode.
Joomla Beat Podcast | Web design, development, online marketing, social media & website management
May 27, 2015 Peter Bui

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It's been awhile but we're back on track and publishing episodes again. We've moved out, been working on massive projects and barely have time for ourselves, but I think we're settled now and have come out of it alive and ready to podcast again. This episode is a massive news update of all the things that have been happening in the Joomla! Community and Industry as well as news about Joomla Beat!
This week Robbie Adair joins me on the podcast to talk about her business, how she discovered Joomla! and how she got involved in the Joomla! community. I also look at a few news items and important things that have happened in the Joomla! community over the past few weeks.
This week we have a few tips in regards to creating cashflow in your business, getting deposits for your work and creating milestones throughout your projects.  I'm also joined on the podcast episode with Ana Barcellos from Brazil who shares with us some news updates from the Brazilian Joomla community.  
This week we have a look at some of the tools we have used over the years in regards to starting, operating and growing our own web agency and also look at what some other people are using in the industry to run and operate their own businesses. As the majority of the people that are listening to the podcast have their own businesses, it is interesting to share and help each other with the aspect of growing that business. Martina and I explore all of these tools and invite you to share your own...
I'm joined on the podcast this week by the team from FlexiContent, the CCK and publishing platform for Joomla. It extends Joomla and takes it to another level in regards to publishing information online. Emanuel, George and Akarawuth share their extensions and give us an idea in regards to how it works and how it operates.
This week we have a top 10 new extensions from the new Joomla Extension directory. Martina and I have gone through the directory and hand picked some of our favourite extensions that we thought you should also check out this month.
This episode we have no hints, no tips, and no interview. Instead we're sharing our experience and journey this year so far in running our Joomla based businesses and decisions we have made so far and even some help we may need from the community.
This week I have a Google Hangout interview with the team behind the Joomla Extension Directory.
Jisse Reitsma joins me on the podcast episode this week to talk about his experiences as a Joomla and Magento developer as well as his self published book, Programming Joomla! Plugins! Jisse has been in the Joomla space since the very beginning days of Joomla 1.0 and has never left. He's been within the Joomla development community for almost 10 years! He explains how he discovered his niche in building a bridge between Magento and Joomla and then furthering his product and service range by...
This week I have a chat with Peter Martin from the Community Leadership Team. Peter has been one of the longest running CLT members and has contributed a great deal of work to the Joomla project. This week I also cover a few interesting news topics with Martina and share with you all 5 awesome tips in regards to passwords, password management and ways to keep your websites secure with better passwords.
This week I have an interview with Chad Windnagle from Cohesive base in Florida, USA. He joins me on the podcast to talk a little bit about his history and how he got into the Joomla space via the High School version of the Google Summer of Code. He progressed and slowly learnt more and more about Joomla to become a a well versed Joomla developer that is passionate about bringing more students via the Google Summer of Code Project.
Roland Dalmulder from the Netherlands joins me on the podcast to talk about how he has grown his Joomla based business over the years to where it is now today. He is the owner of an extension called CSV Improved that allows shop owners to import mass amounts of data via CSV to their web shops. He has also improved the component to work with importing user data and much more.
Matt Thomas joins me on the podcast to talk about his experiences and how he is involved with the Production Leadership Team within Joomla. {pb_mediael media=[audio] audio_mp3=[]}
Steve Cooper from PayPal joins Martina and I on this podcast episode to talk about all things about Internet of Things or #IoT. It's all about connecting websites, data and things together by the Internet to make life better. We have an interesting conversation about that as well as a few Joomla news topics, updates and what BrainTree has to offer developers and the Joomla community.
This week we have a look at the top 10 new extensions found on the Joomla! Extension Directory for October 2014 selected by the Joomla Beat team. Both Martina and I have picked five each of our favourite extensions that we have found in the directory and reviewed them for you. {pb_mediael media=[audio] audio_mp3=[]}
This week we have the global Pizza, Bugs and Fun event being held virtually around the world on the 17th of October 2014. I also introduce my lovely new co-host for the podcast, Martina Kocian. Completely new to the Joomla community and I hope will bring some balance to the podcast from the perspective of a site user and newer user of the CMS. {pb_mediael media=[audio] audio_mp3=[]}    
The Joomla World Conference is coming up just around the corner and this interview with Dianne Henning and Jon Neubauer will get you up to speed with all the details in regards to the conference and what to expect! {pb_mediael media=[audio] audio_mp3=[]}    
Lots of news updates in the Joomla industry this week. Duke Speer also joins me on the podcast to talk about the Joomla Developer's Conference and the upcoming Joomla Ignite sessions at the Joomla World Conference in Cancun, Mexico. I cover a few upcoming events, security issues that have been alerted around the web at the moment, structure change to Joomla itself, BETA testers wanted for the new Joomla Extension Directory, Pizza Bugs and Fun event.   {pb_mediael media=[audio]...
Helvecio da Silva joins me on this podcast to talk about the Joomla Community in Brazil. He highlights the importance of having documentation and information available in many languages not only English.  There are over 150 million people in Brazil and most of them speak and read Portuguese. Having information and documentation in Portuguese will help more and more users get exposure to Joomla and pick it up as their preferred CMS.  I also highlight some stats in regards to languages spoken...
Chris Drake, long time security expert who has been coding back before I was born joins, me on the podcast to talk about the secure authentication option he has created called CryptoPhoto for Joomla. Chris talks all about his experience and stories that he has been exposed to over the years as a white hat hacker and business owner. The disaster stories and his own success stories.  {pb_mediael media=[audio] audio_mp3=[]}
Have you ever tried to make a multisite with Joomla? The idea of having one Joomla install but with multiple instances and domains sounds really interesting and a crazy idea to make happen. This week I interview Edwin from JMS2Win who has done just that since Joomla 1.5. He's made it possible to have multiple Joomla websites on one instance of code. {pb_mediael media=[audio] audio_mp3=[]}   
This week I chat with the Phil Locke from Joostrap. Phil owns a template shop called Joostrap which is a lovely integration of Boostrap and Joomla. Phil has also provided a nice little discount for the listeners of the podcast as well so please make sure you listen into the podcast to get the discount code. {pb_mediael media=[audio] audio_mp3=[]}   
This week I chat to the team at Savvy Panda all about Inbound Marketing. Luke and Gabe have been working with Joomla from the very early days and have grown their business from strength to strength and now do a huge amount of online marketing in the form on inbound marketing. The guys explain exactly what it is and how to go about it. {pb_mediael media=[audio] audio_mp3=[]}   
This week I have the pleasure of chatting with the creators of the directory component - turn content construction kit called SobiPro. Radek & Sigrid Suski, a husband and wife power team, created SobiPro out of their own needs and the user's needs of the extension. It grew over the years as a simple directory component into something quite a bit more complex and Radek and Sigrid share that journey and story with the Joomla Beat listeners.
This week I chat with Enes and Mine, the husband and wife couple from Turkey who started building Joomla sites for friends and customers and now run a template club in the Joomla! industry.
This week I have an interview with the great viking man himself, Ronni Christiansen from in Denmark. He joins me on the podcast to talk about his experience in Joomla and his company which is now one of, if not, the biggest Joomla base agency in the world building Joomla based solutions for clients in Scandinavia and around the world.
James Morrell joins me on the podcast to talk about an amazing content construction kit for Joomla called Seblod.  Seblod allows you to create complex content structured data types on your website collecting and displaying all sorts of data and different applications. I can be as simple as extra information for an online publication, to specific registration information based on a user type such as a person posting a job on a jobs website compared to someone registering looking for a job. What...
Another round up of the top 10 (actually 11 this month as someone miss counted when doing the research) new extensions for Joomla in April 2014. With so many extensions out there, I'll be looking at a few highlighted and useful plugins, modules and extensions that you may have missed. This month's 10 extensions include: Awesome Social Links Sidebar Nonstop Slider Advanced Twitter Display Widget Advanced Twitter Followers Widget Bitcoin Donate Maps2 Sucuri CloudProxy WAF Linkedin Group Feed...
Sarah Watz, the new president of Open Source Matters joins me on the podcast this week to talk about herself and her new role as president of Open Source Matters. She resides in Sweden and is CEO of a company called Pixpro who specialises in Joomla and Infusionsoft CRM. Sarah talks about what her role will be as President and also shares some hints and tips for others that might want to volunteer in the Joomla Community.
This week we have a look into getting Joomla working on a Windows web server. The majority of Joomla websites usually are found on Unix/Linux based web servers running Apache, MySQL and PHP. In the past it was quite hard to get a Joomla website running properly on a Windows server, but these days it is actually getting easier and easier to setup and get running with all the configuration that you need for a Joomla website. Robert Jacobi from Arc Technologies joined me on the podcast. He now...
Just this week Joomla 3.3 BETA has been released and the community is getting behind it to test and get the it ready for final release. This episode I go over a few of the new features that have been added to the latest release and how they work. Very excited to see all the new security features that have been added into the latest release. The release is a little behind the initial planned schedule but has been planned for release on the 22nd of April. Security updates Router update Microdata...
This week I finally get Nic Dionysopoulos the creator of AkeebaBackup to chat about his world famous backup component for Joomla. We sat down for a quick chat at the Joomla World Conference in Boston in 2013 to talk about how he discovered Joomla and how the need for the backup component came about. If you want to find out more about the JOSCAR winning component, visit for more information.
This week I look at the top new extensions in the Joomla! Extension directory for March 2014. There are some great highlights this month so make sure you check out the podcast episode and of course the new video of the top 10 new extensions for March.   With currently over 7770 extensions out there, I'll be looking at a few highlighted and useful plugins, modules and extensions that you may have missed.    This month's 10 extensions include: Easy Radio Vik Appointments JA Google Charts JD...
Dawn Russell joins me to tell us how she discovered Joomla back in 2010 and grew her knowledge and business around Joomla.  She started learn a lot from other leading Joomla experts in the community and continued her learning working for another company that provided Joomla hosting and services. From there she grew her business and her networks to better service her clients and customers around the world.
Gary Brooks, CEO of CloudAccess joins me on the podcast to talk about the growth of, how he started it and how it has grown over the years. He took his company from a small hosting company based in his basement to a global web hosting company and helping the Joomla Community in return. He leaves few take away points that you can implement into your business to help it grow.
This week I promised an interview with Gary J Brooks in regards to his startup of but this week we see quite a debate spark up over the relicensing of the Joomla Framework from GPL to LGPL. I have to stress, thats the relicensing of the Joomla Framework and not of the Joomla CMS itself. This is where some of the original confusion came from. There were also some assumptions that the license version was something different which would mean the GPLv2 license of the Joomla CMS...
Robert Deutz joins me on the podcast to talk about his journey into discovering Joomla! and the community behind it. He then goes into more detail about the upcoming J and Beyond conference and also shares a few tips in regards to organising a conference so if you're thinking about organising a JoomlaDay conference yourself the this episode is for you. The J and Beyond team are now also looking at speak applications for the conference and also sponsorship for it too. If you're interested in...
This is a special Google Hangout edition of the podcast with my special panel of guests on the show talking about the open source business model and the pros and cons of various open source platforms including WordPress, Drupal and of course Joomla. We talk about how to sell yourself, get into the professional services business in regards to Joomla and much more. It turned into a little bit more of a controversial episode that I thought it would be but it was a fantastic debate and...
Interview with Matt Baylor and Tessa Merro this week talking about their work in the Joomla! Extension Directory (JED) and how they got into the Joomla! Community. I also have a look at the Extension Directory eco system and how developers make money from selling extensions on the JED. Joomla! allows many opportunities to make money and start a business and one of the most popular ways is to sell extensions. News round up from around the world including J and Beyond 2014.
Jessica Dunbar, the new lead on the Joomla Marketing team joins me on the podcast to talk about the new marketing team roles and what her role is going to be in the group.  She also talks about some of the marketing goals that the team have in 2014. In this episode I also go through a couple of very important news updates in regards to Joomla! so make sure you stick around to the end of the episode where I mention these.
This episode we're having an extension round up for the episode. Going through a bunch of great extensions that have been newly listed on the Joomla! Extension Directory.   With currently over 7563 extensions out there, I'll be looking at a few highlighted and useful plugins, modules and extensions that you may have missed.    I'll be looking at 10 different extensions including: NS FontAwesome CoalaWeb Contact JB Article SEO Checklist Responsive Slideshare Exit Popup and Article Popup on...
Michael Babker, one of the Joomla Production Leadership Team members joins me on the podcast this episode to talk a little about how he got involved with Joomla and furthermore got involved in the Joomla PTL. Michael didn't have much development knowledge but slowly got into Joomla by submitting bugs that he would come across. Other Joomla members started encouraging Michael to create simple patches to fix some of the really easy issues in Joomla and from there the rest was history.
This week I look at cross pollinating between open source projects and interview Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress.  We chat about his experience at attending the Joomla World Conference and chat about some similarities and differences between the two projects. We also see the release of the Joomla Framework to the community, another PHP framework built for developers that are familiar with Joomla to build web applications, RESTful services and command line applications all using Joomla...
This week I have a look at writing a book about Joomla! extension development with Tim Plummer who recently has released a new book called "Learning Joomla! 3 Extension Development".
This week on the podcast I have a lovely chat with Paul Orwig, the president of Open Source Matters and he joined me on the show from the Joomla! World Conference to chat about is journey into the Joomla! world and his role as the President. Paul also shares a little insight into the future of Joomla and where it is heading and what we should be looking out for in 2014 in regards to new developments. It is all very exciting! All this along with news and updates from around the world.
This week I have a round up of the Joomla World Conference and some highlights from the event. Some key take away points from it as well. Last but not least, I also have an interview with Andrew Eddie who talks about the idea of distributions for Joomla and the way Joomla 4 might look in the future.
This episode I chat with Adrien Baborier from AcyBa, creators of the AcyMailing extension for Joomla. It is one of the best mailing extensions for Joomla with lots of great features to make your email campaigns just that little bit easier. Adrien talks about how he got into Joomla and a few great features in AcyMailing as well as some fantastic tips when it comes to email marketing. I also have a few news updates this episode in regards to the Joomla industry, updates to the Joomla...
The Joomla World Conference is just around the corner and I managed to get my Joomla Ignite presentation video submission in before the cut off. Just before...! Duke Speer sent me my first Speak Pipe voice message and comes on the podcast to explain the Ignite format in more detail. He also reveals that it will be broadcasted live across the internet and that there is a prize for the winner. Nicholas from HikaShop also joins me on the show for and interview from JoomlaDay Sydney to talk about...
JoomlaDay Sydney is over and it feels like I missed the entire event! I can't remember what happened now but fortunately for me I did audio recordings with various people at the event so I can edit them, play them back and share with the rest of the Joomla community. This episode I have a look at what happened at JoomlaDay Sydney 2013 as well as an interview with Norm Douglas who was one of the presenters at the event.  Norm joins me to talk about his highlight of the event as well as some...
Tenko Nikolov, the CEO of SiteGround joins me on the Joomla Beat Podcast to talk all about Joomla site performance. Tenko has a passion for optimising Joomla websites and SiteGround's server environments really shine when it comes to outstanding server environments to get the most out of your Joomla website. He shares with us a few great tips in regards to optimising your website to help improve the user experience, search engine optimisation and also server performance. Tenko also shares a few...
This special episode I speak to a few members of the Joomla World Conference about what is planned for the event, a few special things that have in store, as well as their experiences in the Joomla community, conferences and in organising the event. Diane Henning, Ronni Christiansen, Mike Carson, Jon Neubauer and Jerri Christiansen all join me on the podcast for the biggest group podcast I've ever recorded.
Shayne was fortunate to be around helping out a team of open source developers working on Mambo when a large portion of them decided to all get up and leave to start something new, Joomla.  Shayne since then has built a profitable business around it called Cloudum, a Perth/Western Australian, based Joomla solutions provider. He gives us all a little history lesson on Joomla as well as a awesome security tip in regards to keeping your website secure.
I have a chat to Max Lynam from Molehill Web Works about taking on clients for the long term and also a little into 'responsive marketing', a new concept that he will be talking more about at JoomlaDay Sydney 2013. This is the second time that Max has joined me on the podcast. His previous interview was about MijoShop that he uses for a lot of his e-commerce clients. You can listen to that episode 7 if you want more details in regards to that. This is a special bonus episode added for the big...
Special Bonus Episode I finally get to chat to one of the original co-founder's of Joomla, Andrew Eddie. He chats to me about how he got into Joomla and what he does now as a part of the project. Andrew also gives a little bit of a run down and insight into what he does at eBay with Joomla. Andrew also gives us a preview of all of his presentations and workshops that he will be providing at JoomlaDay Sydney 2013 This is a special bonus episode of the podcast as a lead up to JoomlaDay Sydney...